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News-Hydraulic parts supply emergency is not due to the earthquake because Komatsu
Hydraulic parts supply emergency is not due to the earthquake because Komatsu

Japan earthquake blink of an eye in the past two months, it is fortunate for the Chinese excavator manufacturers supply component parts to Japanese companies were not hit, but the spare parts supply is still greatly reduced, so that we really futile! The reason, China Construction Machinery Industry Association, tells Qi Jun, president of mystery: "We have little effect on the Japanese earthquake, the greatest impact are the rough hydraulic valve supplier - Komatsu plummeted to its spare parts supply!"

Not a natural disaster but a "man-made"

At present, China's production of medium-sized hydraulic excavators and engines entirely dependent on imports, of which the vast majority of Japanese products, Kawasaki Heavy Industries is a leading supplier of hydraulic components, the earthquake in Japan, Tokyo Bay on the West Coast Pro Kawasaki Heavy little effect. However, Kawasaki hydraulic main body parts - basic by Lai Xiaosong rough, Komatsu began early this year a significant reduction in rough supply, which led directly to Kawasaki excavator hydraulic parts manufacturers on the domestic supply of the "stretched." Hydraulic pressure can not solve the problem, even if the capacity of domestic manufacturers, sales shouting slogans is bigger, will eventually become empty talk!

"Strictly speaking, the Japanese earthquake impact on China's excavator industry, but little impact. The greatest impact on our industry, hydraulic valve is a significant reduction in rough supplies." Qi Jun, president of the association to accept China Construction Machinery brand network interview said, "Kawasaki's rough supply from the main Komatsu, Komatsu on notice last year from 2011 Kawasaki began descending rough supply. No way, this is controlled by others!" Qi, president continued to lament: "Last year, Komatsu, Kawasaki month supply to more than 1200 tons of rough, but now reduced to 800 tons a month, you would like a month ah, it reduced by one third!"

Komatsu's heart is obvious

Why reduce the supply? Komatsu given reason: to ensure the quality and safety of workers casting blanks need to adjust the shift will affect the production system, coupled with demand for Komatsu's own products is gradually increasing, so starting in 2011, Komatsu external supply of rough volume will gradually decrease.

The reason of course is not convincing! Kawasaki said the financial crisis has given great support Komatsu, Komatsu's parts did not buy one less, now significantly reduce the supply of rough, really can not understand.

The strength of the domestic excavator manufacturers are thriving, and even some domestic brands and Japanese "challenge" to seize the Komatsu excavator market share in China is inevitable, but unfortunately the core parts of the problem or controlled by others. Therefore, many people in the industry doubt that this will lead directly to Komatsu Kawasaki hydraulic components of our supply, resulting in reduced production capacity of China's excavator manufacturers, market share shrink, is the so-called "backing off"!

Actively respond to try to make up

Jun Qi, president tells us: "Construction Machinery Association is actively think of ways to communicate positive and Komatsu, Komatsu hope at least to slow down the speed of decreasing the supply of rough."

According to the China Construction Machinery brand network learned this year in Japan, Kawasaki Heavy Industries has opened a few rough plant, but a few rough factory qualified if they can produce a rough castings, at least during six-month trial period, so the hydraulic parts Because the supply is still a shortage of rough castings and a significant reduction. In this case, the domestic excavator manufacturer in the use of their resources, a significant portion of the purchase turned South Korea and Germany.
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