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News-News - Local Chinese construction machinery hydraulic parts: the dawn of the present?
News - Local Chinese construction machinery hydraulic parts: the dawn of the present?

While Chinese companies have become the leading domestic construction machinery market, but painting with different colors, marking the different brands of Chinese products are imported by almost the same parts assembled.

Lump in throat

If stuck in my throat, I am afraid that no words can the second base so aptly describe the core components of the weak to the Chinese construction machinery industry, the kind of pain beyond words.

In the hydraulic parts, engines, electronic control systems in the three core components, hydraulic components are no doubt stuck in the throat of China's construction machinery industry, the most sharp a fish bone.

Data as evidence, and professional organizations have done this in 2010, a survey showed that China's construction machinery to be mature in supporting parts, hydraulic parts accounted for 88% (which accounted for 52% of the high-pressure hydraulic system, hydraulic system variables 36%) than the engine in second place several times higher.

At the same time, more worrying is that the moment the most popular excavator market is the most serious missing component parts of products. Blank spots on the proportion of up to 42% over the second largest road maintenance machinery almost doubled. This means that our country made in 2010 nearly half of the hundreds of thousands of excavator parts entirely dependent on imports, and hydraulic parts have no doubt hold the top spot.

In fact, the key components of China's construction machinery hydraulic parts, especially the development of manufacturing lagging seriously hampered the development of the host, which has been a consensus in the industry. Domestic equipment is weak because key components of technology, and the world was at a disadvantage when competing against well-known brands.

In order to ensure the quality of the equipment, console manufacturers have to take international support, from Europe and other developed countries and regions imported key components. Statistics show that only for relatively low-cost small hydraulic excavators is, if a full hydraulic system from abroad, the cost will account for more than 30% of the machine. The high-cost, low price, manufacturers will eventually host China in the middle, was isolated only from the size of a cup of leftovers bonus.

Not only that, as a key component manufacturers internationally renowned production capacity is limited, and even factors such as trade protection and domestic manufacturers by the host supply a long period, the dual challenges of high cost, parts procurement to meet the host can not manufacturer's production and sales growth needs. This is worth a pound of iron ore from the annual negotiations on the general hydraulic parts buying war is evident.

"This is an indescribable pain." Hosts a number of industry vendors have told reporters that the senior had a similar state of mind.

Emphasis on multi-

Fortunately, the construction machinery industry, the most prominent contradictions finally attracted much attention, the huge market demand for component parts and finally promote the industry forward, rolling the wheel.

October 11, 2010, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued "basis machinery parts industry revitalization of the program." Which clearly stated the need to accelerate the pace of breakthroughs in bottleneck of the development of key components, equipment and all areas continue to meet the strategic needs of the development of new industries.

Ministry of Industry said, machine parts (mainly: bearings, gears, molds, hydraulic parts, pneumatic components, seals, fasteners, etc.) is essential for the equipment manufacturing industry an important part, directly determines the major equipment and host product performance, level, quality and reliability of China's equipment manufacturing industry is to achieve a strong shift from large to the key.

November 2010, China Construction Machinery Industry Association Secretary Suzi Meng said, there are two key parts of construction machinery to support policies and programs to report the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Suzi Meng said, "five-second" period, the construction machinery industry will focus on resolving the problem of key parts of the short board.

In fact, as early as 2006, the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, branch fittings have been dug for the hydraulic supporting small domestic issues symposium. Transplant was made, "agricultural model", two-step: to seize with the first five years following the pressure of 30 MPa hydraulic parts market; and then the second five-year gradually to 30 MPa or more large-scale hydraulic parts market, and ultimately hope to achieve in 10 years of construction machinery with hydraulic components complete localization.

In fact, after five years of efforts, China's domestic companies and some hydraulic parts console makers have been able to provide small quantities of hydraulic excavator parts, plan basically completed.

At present, government departments at all levels of high-grade core of China's development has been the importance of hydraulic components have a full understanding. Countries has been the core of China's development of high-grade hydraulic component parts included in the scientific and technological development program, has been part of the backbone enterprises to the development of high-grade core of hydraulic component parts free of charge considerable capital support. According to the reporter, Shandong, Guangxi and other provinces also offer a large number of interest-free loans to support business development.

Investment boom

The spare parts industry in the country for such unprecedented attention, the construction machinery industry also will be lit the component parts of the R & D investment boom, especially the hydraulic parts.

Some OEMs the first force. In recent years, construction machinery, especially the rapid development of domestic excavator case, the host company suffered terribly, its rate of expansion and the capacity for sustained development are subject to certain constraints. In the professional component parts are not yet ripe in the case, a small number of strong vision and ambition of the host company has been the core of the hydraulic excavator began independent research and development component.

Among them, Liugong hydraulic engineering projects mechanical high-profile. This reporter has learned that the project is state investment in 2009, "the revitalization and transformation of key industries," one of the projects implemented in Guangxi. According to reports, the project has been Vice Premier Li Keqiang, care and support, and has received a large amount of free countries to support scientific and technological capital. September 2009, the project in Liuzhou Yang and Development held a ground breaking ceremony, now has entered the implementation stage.

Meanwhile, in September 2009, Chang-Lin Group Shandong Hydraulic Co., Ltd. was set up in Sichuan. According to reports, Lin Chang, Shandong total investment of 2.5 billion for this to implement the project. According to the reporter was informed that part of the forest by the Shandong often raised, most of the interest-free loans given by the Shandong Province. Completed the first phase of the project will produce high-end complete system of hydraulic components 300,000.

Currently, the project Changfang has been completed, moving from Germany, Japan and other import processing equipment, estimated in 2011 to formally provide products to bulk users. According to insiders, the group has set up the relevant Research Institute in Qingdao, Dalian and Japan also in the establishment of the Institute, to domestic and international public to engage experts and hydraulic expertise. It is said that the Institute has been from Japan, Sweden and other countries to hire more than a dozen including research and development, management, manufacturing and other areas of advanced hydraulic experts. Meanwhile, the 6 to 8 tons of hydraulic excavators full core components have been developed a successful trial.

Second, XCMG, Trinity, by such well-known leader in construction machinery have begun to increase the hydraulic components, especially R & D efforts. Meanwhile, the original manufacturer of specialized hydraulic parts, and back into research and development since 2006, a number of high-end hydraulic components business, coupled with self-built mainframe manufacturer of hydraulic fittings business, three forces are in a different way to seize this opportunities.

This three forces have their own strengths, what kinds of businesses can be successful within a short period of time, for now, it is difficult to jump to conclusions. However, insiders told reporters, able to determine that the next five years China will be the hydraulic components industry companies to achieve a hydraulic system or a domestic package volume products.

Not only that, at the end of last year in Shanghai BMW Exhibition, accessories business confidence, and it was rhetoric: "China's domestic hydraulic fittings business will support China in five years, 10 years supporting the world."

Questions remaining

The progress of events there really were such a rapid and smooth it? I am afraid the answer is not so sure.

First of all foreign forces can not be discounted.

Reporters noted that in April 2009, the Japanese Kawasaki Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang on the Yu Chunhui Group "marriage" successful, established Chunhui Kawasaki Precision Machinery (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., which will be China's first joint venture for the production of high-pressure high flow auxiliary hydraulic excavator business. This means that the hydraulic excavator dominated the Chinese market years of international giants not only will not easily give up the lucrative Chinese market, and it more firmly to their own hands.

According to the reporter, the joint venture total investment of 2.5 billion yen, Kawasaki Precision Machinery (KPM) 54% stake in Zhejiang Chunhui 46% stake in the product directed at supporting high-pressure hydraulic excavator hydraulic components, and intends to gradually expand to production of hydraulic valves, hydraulic motors and other products. It is reported that the pilot plant production was achieved in early 2010.

Meanwhile, the United States, Germany and many other international giants in China has been very active.

Worth noting that foreign investment in this sector of the attack speed seems to be the trend of increasingly fierce foreign parts for their own benefit not only to obtain a huge profit, but also for many foreign construction machinery Corporation to bring good news. Shipments and lead times directly affect the production capacity with the progress, if the foreign control of the use of these two production capacity of Chinese enterprises, even to further expand domestic demand, it was only for the foreign-funded enterprises to create more profits and market share.

Secondly, this is a risky investment.

According to "2010 to 2015 China's machinery industry investment analysis and forecast report" shows that compared with the international advanced level, basic components of China's construction machinery products technical levels of the average gap of 15 years, catch up with difficulty can imagine.

Meanwhile, the industry requires high investment, high-level personnel need professional, but also be able to endure loneliness, the short term is difficult to have good returns, but with higher risk. So the industry there has been "big business do not want to do, small businesses can not do" argument.

At present, China's construction machinery parts and components manufacturing companies have grown to thousands, but most low-tech products, key components can not enter the mainstream market. And now the investment boom, but also to many people in the industry to worry. They said, worried about the emergence of new overcapacity, resulting in vicious competition.

Finally, the hydraulic pressure is not only a breakthrough in efforts of enterprises alone, but also because the industry-level planning and control, and the current situation is not optimistic.

In 2009, under the lead in the Ministry of Science, Engineering Machinery Industry Association intends to make the whole enterprise led the formation of several major technological innovation alliances, joint technical research on the key components.

Unfortunately, this progress is slow. The crux is that the host company in a highly competitive environment under the deep "prisoner's dilemma" to develop self-protection as the most important check and balance the opponent first, difficult to reach a consensus to end the league. Blown from the water!

In short, the current foreign and domestic enterprises have accelerated, parts are becoming increasingly fierce market competition. We all know, the future of this "war" on the outcome will directly affect the construction machinery industry in the market. Step backward, step by step will be controlled by others. Although the hydraulic components industry full of confidence, but risks remain, the future market acceptance will also be a question mark. Now conclude that the hydraulic spring has now, perhaps still too early. But foreign investors try to limit China's construction machinery parts of the heart has long been abundantly clear development, local businesses how to choose, must have no say.

Read extended

Imbalance between the host and accessories is to highlight contradictions in the development of

In mechanical engineering the birth of 100 years history, several key component parts to upgrade the world construction machinery industry led to revolutionary change. The first is a diesel engine instead of gasoline; second hydraulic control instead of mechanical manipulation; the third time is the emergence of the torque converter, hydraulic mechanical transmission instead of mechanical transmission; fourth is walking instead of rigid mechanical frame articulated steering steering wheel deflection.

Can be said that the world history of the development of construction machinery industry is the engineering history of the evolution of mechanical fittings, and hydraulic technology as a disruptive technology that gave birth to the revolutionary development of construction machinery industry.

Unfortunately, due to the start of construction machinery in China is still a planned economy, in the "light-heavy product development, re-host light fittings" and many other ideas under the influence of construction machinery spare parts industry has some serious lag. That China has become the world's largest construction machinery-producing countries and the largest market today, is still the basis of the core components stuck his neck. Moreover, this case not only in today's construction machinery. So, if traced to the status quo for this, then probably in here.

In contrast, foreign construction machinery spare parts that most of the production history, mature technology, an adequate supply of high concentration of production, brand prominence. Development of component parts with the development of host development, while supporting the development of their pieces in turn promote the development of the host.

Meanwhile, the host enterprise manufacturing enterprises gradually to the direction of the assembly, parts and gradually by the supplier to provide a development trend in the United States, Caterpillar (Caterpillar), Case (Case), Japan's Komatsu (Komatsu), Sweden Volvo (Volvo), the world's largest construction machinery of these manufacturers are widely used.

By this time, it is China's construction machinery industry began to develop stage. A new model of international giants of the later more or less impact on local Chinese companies. Today, Kawasaki hydraulic parts, Cummins, Bosch electronic control system, even Meritor axles, chassis, etc. Carter almost all kinds of Chinese engineering machinery products as standa, rd, although they have different colors of paint, close to the different brands sign.

According to "2009 China Construction Machinery Products Import and Export Classification Summary table" statistics, total imports in the year total $ 5,147,817,800, the parts came in the first place, a total of $ 1,835,386,400, accounting for up to 36%.

And China's construction machinery spare parts production started late, skills shortages, producing scattered, brand is not strong, and ultimately become a bottleneck restricting the development of the host. Imbalance between the host and the development of component parts of construction machinery in China's most prominent contradictions.

Thus, in reference to foreign construction machinery spare parts, while the advanced mode of development, systematic combing of the domestic construction machinery spare parts deficiencies, starting from the obvious contradictions, thus supporting the rapid increases in domestic capacity to provide solid protection, even more important.

Professional hydraulic parts should be concerned about business development

In fact, this wave of investment boom hydraulic parts, hydraulic parts business professional does not get enough attention. But in fact, they are a high degree of specialization in this field, has some foundation and experience, should become the real main.

Worthy of recognition, many companies have a comprehensive commitment to import substitution, and through the hiring of experts, technology, upgrade equipment, and even the joint venture, a series of fruitful attempts and efforts. On supporting the small excavator, has been a breakthrough, and was gradually accepted the host companies, laid the foundation for further development.

However, it is easy to see that these professional hydraulic parts enterprises are generally small, decentralized technology, lack of brand, few "little giant" appears. Is doing research and trying to still early, take time to bear fruit, but it also means more room for growth, it is the hope lies.

Long hydraulic power

The company products are mainly for the Chinese construction machinery market demand, targeting high-end products to replace imported grades. The company was founded more than a year, so far at important stages of development. It is reported that the company has hired two experts from Japan, Germany also intends to employ the relevant professionals to join. With a number of experienced engineers and designers create another place, its R & D team currently has 70 people. The company has developed 16 products, including motor 6, the pump 4, the valve 6. Present their products up to 40 MPa pressure, low-volume production in 2011, 2012, and strive to achieve mass production.

Guizhou power flow

Since 2007, the company has been supporting the small construction machinery as the development of key industries. Up to now, has achieved annual production capacity of 800 sets. More than two years, small construction machinery in the field to achieve the two changes, one from a single host supporting small to multi-purpose hosts (small) supporting change; the second is provided by a single hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor system to complete processing program changes.

Hydraulic Tin Kwong Sai Kesi

In 2008, the company set up a "hydraulic core R & D" group, the existing more than 20 R & D personnel, project team composed of six research and development and research. The past two years, all of its R & D performance of the hydraulic pump assembly are rigorously tested, are up to international performance standards. Some variables have a high level of success of small excavator hydraulic pump for domestic support, and gradually more and more accepted by the host company.

Rueilong hydraulic (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd.

The use of long-term corporate name for the foreign enterprises to provide the basis for high-grade hydraulic components and experience, successfully developed for the domestic small package of high-end variable hydraulic pump digging. After several consecutive large-scale investment, the product has a variable by the variable hydraulic pump to the hydraulic motor and reducer point development. There are already some products to support domestic small excavator, but not for high-volume facilities.

Hardly perfect

Cycle, but also the new year.

Last year, at the moment, construction machinery industry is still in the fog of the international financial crisis, loss, associations, the media of a confused voice. Although the holding company, "4000000000000" the grace of a large number of orders, but also feel ill at ease the crisis stage a comeback.

As a result, people have to make "high low" pre-sentence under the first half of the "high" was amazing, the second half of the "tail" to be outrageous. Annual sales income is above the industry as a whole has never had 4,000 billion yuan, an increase of more than 30%, as the equipment manufacturing industry growth rate in 2010 the king. It seems "high low" Maybe some people just stare. And this once again proves that the forecasts are "clouds."

So now, the data was released, no one dared to stand up and say mechanical engineering is not, public opinion is overwhelming tongue praise, the media with "perfect" in the coffin of construction machinery in 2010.

The correspondent has just learned of a news exclusive, would give this piece of carnival flame adding new wood.

February 21, China Construction Machinery Industry Association, insiders told reporters, announced the 40 billion is not present to verify the accuracy of the final data results from the latest statistics, in 2010 China's construction machinery industry as a whole may have been more than 4,500 sales billion yuan, an increase of 50%. Among the most dazzling excavator actual cumulative sales total more than 165,000 units, up 74.5%, to refresh the world record sales.

This means that 2010 will probably be the history of China construction machinery industry, the fastest-growing year. Meanwhile, China will still on top of the world's largest construction machinery producing countries and the largest market.

Indeed, such a report card placed in front of everyone, and anyone is difficult to begrudge the kind words. However, the surface of prosperity and can not cover all. Some deeply rooted in China's construction machinery industry's ills not healed for many years --- the core infrastructure components still need to import large quantities of foreign-funded enterprises still dominating the high-strength, low-end product line, repeat the construction of excess capacity, financial support has not been standardized, services market chaos ... and the great temptation in the hot market, these conditions may spread faster, deeper and hidden.

Unfortunately, there were no accurate data to show that the 400 billion yuan in sales, net profit of local enterprises to geometry? Perhaps the slightly smaller scale with international counterparts, the Chinese corporate profit margins and can win?

In short, the size of bonuses to bring prosperity difficult to say "perfect."
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