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News-Production and installation of the hydraulic system of pollution control
Production and installation of the hydraulic system of pollution control

A pollution control process of hydraulic parts

Hydraulic parts of the process generally requires a "wet process" method, that is, all manufacturing processes must be dropping lubricating fluid or cleaning fluid, to ensure that the surface quality.

1.2 hydraulic components, parts cleaning

The new hydraulic parts before assembly, the old contaminated after hydraulic components must be cleaned after use, the cleaning process should do the following.

1) hydraulic parts disassembly, cleaning should be in line with national standards for clean room, operating room is best if the conditions sufficient pressure, the pressure is higher than indoor outdoor, plastic mold to prevent air dust pollution. If subject to conditions, should also be operating a separate isolation room, the general assembly is not allowed between the hydraulic and mechanical processing in the same room between the bench from time to time, the absolute prohibition in the open air, shed, decomposition of debris from time to time in the warehouse and assembly of hydraulic components.

Removable hydraulic parts, the operator should wear overalls fiber easy to fall off, work cap, to prevent the fibers, dust, hair, dander and other scattered into the hydraulic system caused by human pollution. Smoking is prohibited in the operating room, eating.

2) hydraulic pressure washing should be carried out in the special cleaning stage, if subject to conditions, but also to ensure the cleanliness of the temporary table.

3) allows the use of kerosene, cleaning fluid, gasoline and oil and hydraulic systems work the same grades of hydraulic oil.

4) After cleaning the parts are not allowed to use cotton, linen, silk and synthetic fabric cloth, shedding of fibers to prevent pollution of the system. Was not allowed to use the Paper Tiger blast to parts (leather interior with dust particles Tiger), when necessary, with clean dry compressed air components.

5) After cleaning the parts are not allowed directly on the land, concrete, floor, table and bench assembly work bench, but should be placed in a container with a lid and into the hydraulic oil.

6) have been cleaned but it would not assemble the parts into the anti-rust oil should be saved, humid areas and seasons with particular attention to rust.

1.3 hydraulic parts in the assembly of pollution control

1) The hydraulic assembly should be used "dry assembly" method, that is, after cleaning the parts, cleaning fluid left in order not to affect the assembly of the part surface quality in parts of the surface should be dry before assembly.

2) hydraulic parts assembly, for combat, prohibit the use of iron? The first beat, you can use wooden hammers, rubber hammers, copper hammer and brass rod.

3) assembly are not allowed to wear gloves, are not allowed to wipe the mounting surface with a fiber fabric, fiber to prevent dirt intrusion valve.

4) has completed assembly of hydraulic components, components to be assembled temporarily, should they all ports blocked with a plastic stopper.

1.4 hydraulic transport of pollution control

Hydraulic components, component transport, against dust, rain, the long-distance transport, especially sea transport of hydraulic components must use water-resistant paper or plastic wrapping paper lay packed into the amount of desiccant, do not allow rainwater , hydraulic contact with seawater. Before packing and unpacking, you should carefully check all ports are blocked with a plug, blocking the prison, by the light pollution of the port to take timely remedial measures, the pollution of the hydraulic components must once again break down, cleaning.

1.5 Pollution control hydraulic system assembly

1) The hose must be in the pipeline pickling, rinsing before receiving the actuator, the installation prior to use clean compressed air blowing. If the demolition of half-way hose connector hose to a good time dressing.

2) joint body with kerosene cleaned before installation and use of clean compressed air. Raw materials that need to seal the joints with the body, wrapped with raw materials to the attention of 2 points. A. Direction along the thread winding; B. Raw material with not more than a threaded end, otherwise, the excess in the process of tightening the screw will be cut into the system.

3) installation of pollution control hydraulic pipes

Hydraulic pipe hydraulic system is an important component of a larger on-site construction work projects, Maanshan Iron and Steel Hot-rolled H section steel hydraulic pipe.

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